“Acts of kindness like this show the meaning of American sensitivity.” Trying his best to express his gratitude on behalf of the St. Brother Albert Aid Society, Olek’s words meant so much, as it was such a blessing to help an organization that gives so much to others.

Throughout the past month, I had collected clothes, shoes, and kitchen/ housing supplies to give to the St. Brother Albert Aid Society, an organization providing homeless shelters throughout Wroclaw. Fulbright friends and fellow students in my dormitory generously gave items for the collection.

All the donations

After contacting the organization, the technical administrator, Olek, graciously offered to pick up the items and provide me with a tour of their facilities. I was able to spend over three hours today learning about the operations, visiting both the women’s and men’s shelters, and even enjoying a delicious bigos dinner with Olek and the director of the society, Darek.

With the director, Darek, at the beautifully landscaped shelter

Before leaving the women’s shelter, I received a gift of thanks on behalf of the society of a beautiful clay angel that was handmade and painted by the residents of the shelter.

Such a neat gift received by the women/children’s shelter

While at the men’s shelter, it was so amazing to see how they had separate spaces for a wood workshop and an artist studio where the residents could create and find respite. I was also able to meet one of the artists and visit his atelier where he was creating a clay statue of an angel, which would be a gift for potential sponsors. The organization also runs the “Cinema Albert Productions” and creates movies promoting awareness about homelessness. Throughout the afternoon, I met many of the actors and talked with Darek, who also produces the movies, about their upcoming film event on June 16th. The presentation will be highlighting their newest production “The Man Who Has Not Seen the Sea.” Here is the link for the trailer:

Olek and Darek also shared their appreciation by giving me an autograph copy of their most recent film production entitled “The Downtrodden”.

I wish I knew more than just “dziękuję bardzo” (thank you very much) to express how touching it was to receive such thoughtful gifts and to have the opportunity to learn about the altruistic legacy that defines the St. Brother Albert Aid Society.

Here’s to sharing “‘a little more knowledge, a little more reason and a little more compassion” on behalf of Senator Fulbright’s vision.