In less than a half an hour I’ll be boarding a bus to the airport and departing for my next, and last, European adventure before coming home! This time, I’ll be flying to Paris and meeting up with my friends Mike, Neil, and Katie Mettler (who is interning this semester in London)!

Since I will have no internet access while in magnificent France, I will be highlighting the four Baltic countries visited while on a week-long trip at the beginning of May to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

I went with an organized tour group (the same organizer as the trip to Ukraine) and was joined by fellow American friends Ona and Jonathan. While on the trip we were accompanied by 30 other travelers who were studying in cities across Poland! Despite the charter bus being at least two decades old, which meant hardly any ventilation and no air conditioning, we still made it to each of the destinations without much trouble at all (besides a few people always being late for the designated leaving time).

Below are pictures and highpoints of each of the countries!

Riga, Estonia 

Of each of the capital cities we visited, Riga was my absolute favorite. The old town’s charm, the vibrancy of the art nouveau architecture, and Soviet markets throughout the city provided a glimpse into the city’s incredible history.

View from the Riga Cathedral

Vilnius, Lithuania

Though Vilnius was a quaint Baltic city, it had so much charm! My highlight of that day was walking through the park with Ona, eating some ice cream, and people watching in the Cathedral Square! We saw everything from toddlers learning how to walk and ride bikes, to skate boarders, and socializing fashionistas.

Vilnius Cathedral Square- loved how majestic it was!

Tallinn, Estonia

Despite the unseasonal frigid cold in May, we were able to enjoy a tour throughout Tallinn and learn a lot about its medieval roots. The sea of red roofs reminded me so much of Prague too!

Tallinn’s Old Town

Helsinki, Finland

Our last day of the trip, we had a designated “free day” so most all of us decided to take a ferry to visit Helsinki. Having the chance to visit the “2012 Design Capital” was awesome! The agglomeration of architecture and urban design components were spectacular! Ironically enough, the hefty boots that guided my traveled to so many countries, had a zipper malfunction while I was trying on shoes in H&M. Just another reason to buy a new pair of fun spring shoes : )

One of my favorite buildings was the cathedral

I’m off to Paris!