I’ve always loved giving presentations. But the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the garlic sauce on the pierogi, (if I may) is sharing what I am most passionate about! I reached out again to the Wroclaw Public Library to see if they would like me to present again at the American Corner. I sent them a list of topics I would be willing to share, and it was decided I would focus on “American Environmental Design: Focusing on Superb Examples of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning.”

I spent a week preparing and trying to choose from some of my most favorite environmental design projects that I have either visited and/or learned about during my undergraduate career at Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning. The hour-long presentation highlighted: famous architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright; urban infill projects including Chicago’s Millennium Park; and planning movements like the New Urbanist initiative in Seaside, Florida. It was great to see such interest from the high school class that visited, as well as, from members of the general public and a few friends. Most of the fascination came with examples in or near Chicago. For instance, I had one audience member approach me afterwards and tell me how happy she was I spoke about the city. Next to Warsaw, Poland, the city of Chicago actually has the highest Polish population in the world! This woman lived there for 30 years and she was so excited to see how much the city had changed since coming back to Poland!

Having the opportunity to share my passion for extraordinary buildings, parks, cities, and places is an incredible experience. I am thankful that the American Corner in Wroclaw has allowed me to become a part of their “family”! Moreover, inspiring others to travel the world and igniting that fire of curiosity and wonder is simply amazing!



Explaining different types of American architecture

– a few of my friends, Bartlomiej and Alexandra, came!