My generation is absolutely spoiled rotten when it comes to having access to the world at our fingertips. I was always aware of how much of my daily routine was spent on a computer with 24/7 access to the internet. But I never fully realized how much I rely on my laptop and even more specifically, the World Wide Web, until being half way across the world and having no internet access!!! Currently, I am traveling Germany with my friend Alberto and we are staying with his friend, Alfredo. On Sundays, most everything in Germany is closed, so we decided to stay in and relax, especially since all of our favorite football/European football teams were playing! Yesterday morning, however, I woke up to the terrifying news that the internet was not working!

-No skyping with family and friends?! It can’t be true!

-No chatting, surfing, or uploading pictures on Facebook?! Someone pinch me!

-No sending or checking tweets on Twitter?! This has to be a dream!

-No checking my email account?! There’s got to be a solution!

-No getting my daily fix of news videos from! I might as well go back to bed!

-No reading the Indy Star or!? I cannot believe this!

-No receiving live updates of the final night of Miss Indiana USA competition?! I hate feeling so out of the loop!

-No watching my Indianapolis Colts and cheering them on to victory?! What is the world coming to?!!!!!!!

With all this heartache, I had to find something to do to be productive. The solution: work on and finally finishing the thousands of entries and corrections that have to be made on an Excel Document I am revising for the English Department for my university. Though it wasn’t my idea of a perfectly relaxing Sunday afternoon, I am happy to say I did finish the project!

When traveling it’s always harder to have such omnipresent access to technology, as I don’t usually bring along my laptop. Moreover, when choosing to live in the student dormitory, I knew I would not have access to a television, newspapers/magazines written in English, or wireless internet. I even had to ask my sister if I could borrow her Ethernet cable since I didn’t own one! (My home had wireless access and Ball State University blesses its students as the number one wireless campus in the nation! Chirp Chirp!)

For the first few days of sharing the Ethernet cable with my roommate, we managed to get by; but we both knew we wouldn’t be able to live like that forever! We were both great at sharing our living space and belongings, but when it came to the internet the only solution was to purchase a switch so we could both have access at the same time! (Side note: the night before Isabel and I bought the switch we both ended up being the final two in a heated battle of poker with the boys from the ninth floor. We split the 80 zloty jackpot and splurged on the internet switch!)

Despite the web of chords across our room from time to time, we are both very happy campers!

It’s day two without any internet, so in the mean time I’m going to convince the boys to quit playing FEFA soccer on the computer (their form of entertainment without internet) so we can go explore the city more!

I’ll be posting as soon as the World Wide Web will allow me!

Auf Wiedersehen!